5 Questions to Ask a Potential Wedding Photographer


March 7, 2024

Ok – so this post is coming with a disclaimer. Let us start by saying that these are in no way the ONLY questions you should ask. Also, know that these questions are coming from pain points we have noticed with our couples and we are going to shoot pretty straight. Choosing the best wedding photographer is not like picking the best housekeeper or fitness instructor – you can’t regret your choice and then make a better, different choice next week. This is one of those times in life where you have to get it right the first time. Here are 5 questions to ask to help you do just that!.

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What is Your Photography Style?

This one is a big one – for you and the photographer. You should NEVER ask a photographer to shoot in a different style not shown in their portfolio. Basically, don’t ask a bright and airy style photographer to edit your images dark and moody… or vise versa. They may agree to do it (because they don’t want to lose the sale) but your pictures may turn out…confused. Understanding the photographer’s style is key to ensuring their vision aligns with yours. Whether it’s traditional, muted, bright and airy, moody or photojournalistic, make sure the style shown in their portfolio is EXACTLY what you want. If it’s not, keep looking until you find a photographer that fits.

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Can I See a Full Wedding Gallery?

Most, if not all, photographers showcase their best work on their websites. It’s just like the highlight reels on Instagram; only a small piece of the big picture. Don’t be afraid to ask to see more. If the photographer promises a minimum of 500 images, ask to see a gallery with a minimum of 500 images. We send a full wedding gallery when we respond to an inquiry so that potential couples can see all parts of the day in different lighting conditions. Remember – you don’t get another shot at this.

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What is Your Backup Plan in Case of an Emergency?

This is a great question to ask potential photographers that most couples miss. As a photography duo we always shoot every wedding together, however emergencies can happen, so it’s essential to know what backup plans the photographer has in place. Make sure they have a backup for the main and second shooter and that the backup photographer also shoots in your desired style.

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How and when are payments due?

Let’s be real…..beautiful wedding photography is not cheap. You need to make sure you understand when payments are due and what methods of payment are accepted. READ YOUR CONTRACT and ask questions. Some photographers have pretty strict rules regarding late payments and fees. When you plan out your photography budget make sure you consider state tax and any fees for using a credit card. We allow our couples to make payments all the way up to the week before the wedding and have had numerous couples make biweekly and monthly payments and get it paid off well before the big day!

How Soon Will I Receive the Final Edited Photos?

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When we first started shooting weddings, we looked at 100’s of photographers websites to see the industry average on turnaround times. We have seen everything from 2 weeks to 8 months! And no, we are not talking video, only photos. There is no wrong answer here, but you do need to be clear just so you know what to expect. Make sure you clarify the timeline and ensure it aligns with your expectations, especially if you have specific deadlines or events to share the photos. Our turnaround time : 28 days with sneak peek images within 24 hours of the wedding.

BONUS : Questions to ask YOURSELF after your consultation

  • Do we trust that this photographer understands how we want to remember our day?
  • Is their a second shooter to make sure both members of the couple receive the same attention?
  • Do we like this person enough to have them so close to us all day?
  • No wedding day is perfect , so could I extend them grace in times where I feel rushed and overwhelmed?

We hope some of these will help you start your list of questions to ask your potential photographer. Want to know more about what we have to offer? Text us and ask! 704-307-3474.

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