What's up? I'm                  the heart behind Mane and Grace Photography. I am a true extrovert and I love to talk about... pretty much anything. I dream of owning a vintage 64 Chevy Impala convertible. In my free time you can find me playing my Xbox or cruising around town taking pictures.


Together we make Mane and Grace Photography

My dogs, Sadie & Jet. They are legit the best buds a girl could have!

Capturing special moments for people like you. Seriously, my job makes me so happy!

Traveling. Our recent adventure was to Rome, Italy and it was so amazing seeing that part of the world!

Hey! I'm              the head behind our business. I'm a true introvert, but I masquerade as an extrovert pretty well. I live for desserts. More importantly, I watch the Hallmark channel from October to March without shame. Oh, and if you can't find me, I'm at Target!

The Couple
behind the lens

- Mane and Grace photography

"We pray your marriage be fortified with the strength of a lion, and covered in the love and grace of God."

Let's chat

The day you have been dreaming of is finally here and we want to make sure your photography experience is memorable and enjoyable. Our heart is to capture your love and all of the joy you will share. We will fill your gallery with images of both perfectly planned details, as well as candid moments of joy, romance, tears, and laughter, delivering a visual legacy for your family to cherish.


Time to cuddle in front of the camera! The engagement session is an important part of you getting comfortable with us and building trust, so the wedding day goes smoothly. It's also a perfect way to get to know each other, laugh together and create a few memories of our own.
WARNING: Bring your intimacy A-game, because we intend to capture all of the whispers, winks, hand holding and forehead kisses. It's kinda our job.


You've looked through the galleries and love our work. The next step is to get together and chat. We absolutely love to break bread with couples or meet for coffee. After getting to know you, either in person or virtually, we will determine if we are a match made in heaven. If so, we will send you a custom online booking proposal where you can review your package and pay the deposit to secure your date. And just like that, we become family. 


The Wedding Experience